$toicism (with a dollar sign)

$toicism spelled with a dollar sign is used to denote, usually disparagingly, the commercialisation of the ancient philosophy of Stoicism. 

What is $tocisim?

Whilst still a relatively niche school of thought in the modern day, Stoicism has rapidly gained popularity amongst pockets of businesspeople and entrepreneurs including influencers such as Tim Ferriss.

Its growing awareness amongst entrepreneurs has inevitably resulted in some deciding to capitialise on its popularity by starting ventures based on Stoic teachings. This might be through selling books, courses or Stoicism-based merchandise, all of which draw criticism from some quarters in the community.


However, there are two important questions to ask;

Firstly, is entrepreneurship inherently anti-Stoic? And, secondly, is the purpose of selling Stoicism-rated products purely to make money?

The first question is apparently subject to debate but Zeno, himself, of course, was an entrepreneur. It seems like the line is drawn depending on whether the business is regarded as a ‘social enterprise’ or not. Stoicism may suggest that wealth is overrated and that hedonism is not the route to happiness, but the Stoics were absolutely not anti-wealth.

To answer the second question; many of the modern ventures created seem to share the wisdom of Stoicism. To see all ventures as ways to turn a quick profit rather than to provide individuals with goods or services they desire, at least in the first instance, is an error. Regardless, the market will judge the validity of the business, besides, holding a strong opinion on whether those businesses do right or wrong is anti-Stoic.

Stoicism merchandise

We understand that wearing a Stoicism t-shirt is not everyone’s preference. However, individuals who wear them report feeling more Stoic in doing so and enjoy comments and discussion about them. Reminders to practice Stoicism are incredibly useful. These reminders like t-shirts, stickers or coins provide a valuable purpose for the owner and maybe those around them.


Traditional Stoicism dictates that being a Stoic should not involve outward preachings/announcements of it. But many modern proponents of Stoicism highlight the fact that a lack of marketing, for want of a better phrase, contributed to the downfall of Stoicism; the opposite of what happened to Christianity at around the same time. We believe that those who wish to identify as Stoics and share in their interest should be able to do so, which is why we developed Get Stoic.


Successful $toicism

An alternative definition of $toicism could be that it is becoming the choice operating system of the successful entrepreneur. Will Stoicism ultimately become the working philosophy of the world's successful entrepreneurs? Wealth may not be the pursuit of Stoicism; Stoicism is likely to grow as a byproduct of entrepreneurs needing a guiding hand in remaining level-headed and effective in running their businesses.